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Welcome To The ONLY Full-Service
Restoration Company In Humboldt County.

Expert Restoration Help DOES Matter.
Get Back To Your Pre-Loss Condition.

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Get The Right Amount For Your Insurance Claim – It Takes Expertise And Experience.

We Respond Quickly. We Work Efficiently. And You Get Back To Normal Faster.

Our 360⁰ Project View Software Gives You 24/7 Access To Exact Status Of Your Project.

Let’s face it. If you have damage to your home, it creates stress – there is no way around it. BUT, the decisions you make NEXT will determine whether it gets better… or gets more stressful.

Our best piece of advice is to avoid the common mistakes that create more challenges!

One big mistake: homeowners filing a claim with their insurance company without any professional assistance. This typically results in you getting about 50% to 75% of what you actually need to get back to your pre-loss condition.

Another common mistake is to hire a home improvement contractor in Fortuna, Arcata, or Eureka that doesn’t specialize in restoration and abatement. These contractors might be good at what they do, but they simply don’t know how to properly document and negotiate the correct amounts with insurance companies. Typically in these situations you will get between 65% to 80% of what you need to get back to pre-loss condition.

The third common mistake is working with restoration companies that only specialize in one type of work – water damage, for example. The problem here is that most kinds of damage involve multiple issues and these companies are not equipped for it.

Welcome To The Company Specifically Designed
To Eliminate All These Worries

We’re a unique home renovation company in Humboldt County. Founded in 1982 – that’s 40+ years of experience – we have honed our processes to deliver the most complete and hassle-free restorations and abatements.

Highlights of working with us:

  • We produce the complete documentation required by insurance companies to get 100% of what you need to get back to your pre-loss condition. No other home improvement contractor in Eureka, Fortuna, or Arcata has our level of expertise.
  • We train our project managers in empathy and accountability. Our internal documentation requirements meet the highest standards. Everyone here knows they are accountable for meeting deadlines and providing regular communication to homeowners. And we keep our project managers accountable by insisting they document everything.
  • Our rule is no shortcuts during projects. All our communication and claims expertise would mean nothing if we did substandard work. That is why we have developed the best and most efficient re-construction and abatement teams.
  • 360⁰ Project View keeps you in the loop 24/7. We have an incredible software tool that our customers love. Once you login, you have one place to see status updates, notes, key contact information, and all the essential information about your projects. It even logs every email related to your project for you to view!

That is a summary of who we are, but we know you probably still have questions and concerns. Call our hotline and let us help you.