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We Don’t Throw Around Words Like
‘Integrity,’ ‘Caring,’ And ‘Excellence’ Lightly…

For Us, These Words Are At The
Very Heart Of Our Guiding Principles
And 30+ Years Of Success.

About Us | New Life Service Co

We Are THE Local, Full-Service Restoration Company For Humboldt County.

To understand what New Life Service Company is all about, you need to understand what our founding owner said from the very beginning:

“Business is a covenant with your customers, and that covenant should last for generations.”

In other words, we do not take the road of short-term thinking and seeing everything in strict profit and loss terms. As a home improvement contractor for Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, and surrounding areas, our focus has always been on doing work that will last for generations and building a business that will continue to serve our local community far into the future.

Meeting People At A Stressful Time

One of the main reasons we put such an emphasis on integrity and caring is because we are often interacting with people at a frustrating time in their lives. If they are filing an insurance claim, their home has suffered some damage – sometimes of catastrophic proportions.

By showing that extra bit of compassion and taking our customers through a guided, step-by-step process, we make a difference in individual lives and our community.

What we have discovered is when we focus on our mission and guiding principles, our business flourishes. It has been our experience that people really can tell the difference when a home renovation company for Eureka and surrounding areas truly cares about the customer’s total experience.

The way we see it, this philosophy has proven successful for 30+ years, and we are sticking with it.

Below you will find our 3-Part Mission Statement and our 10 Guiding Principles that form the heart of why we do what we do and how we live out our beliefs:


  • To Restore Fire, Water, And Storm-Damaged Homes To New Condition
  • Giving Excellent Service With A Caring Attitude In All Of Our Work
  • To Enrich Our Neighbors Lives And The Value Of Their Properties


  1. We give every home and business owner exceptional value for every dollar we are paid.
  2. We care for the people we serve, advocate for them, and build lifelong relationships.
  3. We pursue excellence in trade knowledge, workmanship, and the ability to better serve our clients.
  4. We are problem solvers. We hear our client’s concerns, instill confidence, and provide solutions.
  5. We practice consistent and detailed communication with homeowners, adjusters, and co-workers.
  6. All of our business is performed with honesty, integrity, and within the law.
  7. We are a team. We respect the person and value the role of every other team member.
  8. We look for ways to encourage, train, and enhance the skills of our fellow workers.
  9. Our business is in a constant state of upgrade. Every member contributes to improvement.
  10. In all we do, our objective is great service, quality workmanship, and good financial return.

If we sound like your kind of home renovation company near Eureka, Arcata, and Fortuna, we’d be honored to speak with you. Call us today...