1)  "Am I able to choose the service provider who will assist me when disaster strikes my home?"  

NLS:  Yes - absolutely!  While you may be asked to contact a "preferred vendor", it is actually your decision when it comes to who will do the emergency work or reconstruction in your home.  At New Life, we've worked for 3 decades with all insurers and other risk management entities.  We know what is required by your insurer and how to achieve the customer's needs quickly and efficiently, and we pride ourselves in our goal of providing guaranteed satisfaction to each customer.

2)  "Do I wait for my insurance agent or adjuster to call New Life Service Company in on the job?"

NLS:  No - that's not necessary.  As an "insured", you are actually obligated in your insurance policy (a legal contract) to mitigate the damage as soon as possible.  At New Life, we specialize in making the most rapid and thorough response possible after fire, water and storm damage in homes and businesses.  The insurer may want their "preferred provider" to work on the emergency services such as soot cleaning or structural drying, and then they'll expect you to track down multiple building contractors so they can settle based, very often, on the lowest estimate for reconstruction.  Our customers are always satisfied by our "one-stop-shop" configuration.  We have trained staff ready to respond immediately after fire and water damage, and our construction estimators and project managers begin work on your needs right then too.  It's frustrating for a homeowner to end up realizing late in the process that they've been steered in a direction of cost savings for the insurer at the expense of timeliness, thoroughness, and the commitment to satisfaction that New Life provides.

3)  "Are there hidden costs associated with the restoration work that New Life will do for me?"

NLS:  No - right from the beginning, we make it clear that our aim is to help our customer achieve a fair settlement from the insurer so that the work that is needed will be paid by the policy and within its limits.  The customer is usually only needing to pay the deductible, and even that cost is often reduced when the customer exercises their right to take on part of the work themselves - like the final painting or hauling of the construction debris.  If there is extra work to be done it is often related to the customer's desire to make an upgrade while that kitchen is being remodeled or to have other additional work done that is unrelated to the scope of the insured loss.

4)  "Will I be expected to be the mediator between my insurance company and New Life Service Company?"

NLS:  No - we pride ourselves in our familiarity with the insured repair process, and we possess the required tools and training for estimating, documenting, communicating, negotiating and any other skills needed to achieve a fair settlement with the insurer.  We never put it on our customer to correspond with the insurer, and it is often the case that insurers work so directly with us that our customers think we represent the insurance company.  The truth is, we will represent you and advocate for that fair settlement which will put you and your property in pre-loss condition!

5)  "Who makes decisions about paint colors, carpet style, wood species for trim and cabinets, and other design features related to the restoration of my property?"

NLS:  You do!  At New Life, we have developed excellent working relationships with our preferred vendors - they're our subcontractors and suppliers, and they work right along with our staff to be sure that you're given clear choices regarding the products that will be used to restore your home or business.  Whether it's a one on one meeting with our master cabinet maker, Stephan, a consultation with our hardwood guru, Barna, or reviewing styles and colors with the professional staff over at Carpet Express, we will facilitate a scenario where you will be treated like the master of each decision - because you are!  It is also the case that we are able to bring any and all samples, swatches, alternatives and cutting edge products into your home if you should desire to make your decisions there.

6)  "Will my insurance company pay New Life directly?"

NLS:  Not usually, and that's OK with us.  Many of our customers have the impression that we will be paid directly by the insurer because we take such an active role in corresponding with the insurance adjuster.  We are quick to point out that our customer is the only one with a contractual relationship with the insurance company.  Our contractual relationship will be with you, the customer.  We work hard to achieve a fair settlement for your claim.  Your insurer cuts a check to you.  We sign a contract with you based on the settlement, plus any changes you may desire.  We sometimes ask for 10% or $1000 up front (limit of California Contractor law), but we never ask for payments, whether for progress or a final payment, until the customer is satisfied.  We've been in business for over 30 years in Eureka, and I hope you can see how those two facts translate to customer satisfaction!