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There’s No Doubt About It –
A Crisis At Your Home Is Stressful.

The Best Solution Is Having
A Step-By-Step Process

Our Step-by-Step Process

Our Experience Can Be Your Guide
To ‘Get Back To Normal Life.’

If you have something that has gone wrong at your home – maybe even disastrously wrong – we don’t need to tell you it’s stressful. A crisis at your home is not only disruptive, it can leave you feeling ‘at wit's ends’ about what to do next.

Having a fully mapped out, step-by-step process can instantly lower your anxiety. You’ll know what positive actions to take and you’ll begin to feel progress toward getting back to your everyday life at home.

Below you will find 5 major steps that take you from initial crisis to your full restoration.

The Vital Five: Each Step In The Restoration Process

Step #1: Stop The Crisis – Before anything else, you need to stop the damage. In some cases, you will also need help securing your home, rescuing what can be rescued, and documenting the situation. Our Emergency Services division for Humboldt County was built to RESPOND FAST and get the situation under control. We’ve been doing this for 30+ years and we know exactly what to do.

Once our Emergency Services team is done, this part of our relationship is closed out, and we begin a new contract to help guide you through the claims process and full restoration to your ‘pre-loss’ condition.

Step #2: Filing A Claim – The next step is to report it to your insurance company if you haven’t already done so. If you find the process confusing, you have two resources you can rely on. For one, your insurance company will provide guidance on what forms you need to complete and give you an overall outline of the process.

The other resource? Us – New Life Service Company. We are are a full-service home improvement contractor for Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, and surrounding areas. We are true customer advocates, and we know the insurance claims process thoroughly. During this first step of the claims process, we can answer questions and provide detailed guidance.

Step #3: Getting The Appropriate Amount From Your Insurance Company – An insurance adjuster will begin work on your claim and eventually formulate an amount. (This amount will of course take into account your deductible and the terms of your specific policy). We can tell you that often the first amount from the adjuster falls short of what will properly cover your claim.

And this is where we are particularly valuable to homeowners. We know exactly what questions to ask and how to dig into the details of a claim to make sure nothing gets overlooked. We also make sure the insurance company’s estimates for costs are realistic.

We provide very detailed, well-documented responses that earn the respect of insurance adjusters in Humboldt County. They can clearly see that we are a professional company staffed by experts. We are your advocate to make sure your claim is paid out properly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This phase can sometimes be delayed in ways outside of our control. Insurance companies usually want to resolve things for their clients efficiently, but they also have processes they follow that do take time.

Here is where our Customer View software can improve the situation. All information about your project will be located here and you can easily see the source of any delays and what the next steps are. Not only that, insurance adjusters have given us some great feedback on this software because it helps them be more efficient, too.

Step #4: The Actual Restoration And Reconstruction – This is when things really get moving and you start to see lots of progress. Homeowners love our communication during this phase because we keep them fully in the loop with scheduling information and continuous progress updates.

Our Customer View software will also be updated so you can login and follow the progress 24/7.

Step #5: You’re Back To Your Pre-Loss Condition – The day the project is completed is a happy day! The relief of seeing your home restored and knowing you can now move forward is a tremendous feeling. We love the satisfaction of having helped get you there.

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