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Do You Think You Might Have A Mold Or Asbestos Problem In Humboldt County?

Don’t Panic.

Call The Local Experts Who Have Been Safely
Handling These Problems For Decades.

New Life Service Co: Abatement

When you see danger signs of mold or asbestos in your home, many homeowners become fearful. And there is no doubt that these are serious issues that can impact your family’s health and the value of your home if not addressed properly.

However, there is no need to become anxious and alarmed – expert help to diagnose and safely fix these issues is available right here in Humboldt County. We know these problems are new to you, but we’ve been effectively tackling mold and asbestos issues near Eureka, Arcata, and Fortuna for decades.

How To Get More Information & The Next Step To Take

Immediately below you will find links that will get you to more detailed information. After reviewing those, take the next step and give us a call. We’ll ask you some questions to get an idea of your situation, and can set-up an inspection of your home if appropriate. A phone consultation is also your chance to begin getting the answers you need. Call us - 707-444-8222.

More To Know:

Mold Remediation – Some homeowners in Humboldt County discover a mold problem because they begin feeling sick. Others notice a persistent musty smell, or see black staining – often in places like the bathroom, basement, on baseboards or in closets.

Whatever the symptoms that lead you to suspect a mold problem, it is crucial to get a quick and accurate assessment to avoid damage to your family’s health and home.

Asbestos Removal – Homes in Humboldt County constructed before 1982 could contain asbestos. If you have concerns, know that we are the company that cuts no corners and follows all the best practices for safe and permanent removal of asbestos.