Content Cleaning

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Sifting through one’s personal belongings after a fire can be a daunting task.  New Life Service Company has the necessary equipment and personnel who understand how important it is to salvage valuable and often irreplaceable items. 

Many items believed to be ruined beyond repair can be cleaned with our ultrasonic technology; or we can use our extensive training to remove the smoke damage that has tarnished items not otherwise candidates for ultrasonic cleaning.

Our ultrasonic machine uses high frequency sound waves to create cavitations of bubbles that forces cleaning solution against the surface of smoke-damaged items; and as a result, ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for removing soils from cracks and very small spaces. It is very effective in removing stains, grease, dirt, oil, mold, or heat treatment scales and abrasive residues from surfaces in advance of a hand-cleaning method.

After your belongings have been cleaned, we have warehouse space and private lockers and storage containers in which to store your items until you are ready to have them returned.  Our content technicians catalog each item and provide you with a detailed list showing the type and quantity of each; as well as in which locker the items are stored.  This gives you ready access to all your belongings and in a timely manner.