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Fire & Water Damage Restoration Contractor

We Can Help:

• Resolve The Emergency
• Secure Your Property
• Rescue What Can Be Salvaged
• Tell You What Next Steps You Should Take

In an emergency, your best friend is FAST, PROFESSIONAL assistance. The longer you wait, the more problems can multiply.

Involving us as soon as possible in this process means:

  • We Can Help Stop The Crisis
  • We’ll Get To Work Immediately And Will Salvage What Can Be Salvaged
  • You Will Have An Advocate In Your Claims Process – We Don’t Recommend Accepting A Check Or Agreeing To A Settlement With Your Insurance Company Without Having Us Review It First
  • We Will Help You Understand The Step-By-Step Process To Recovery – You’ll Know Exactly What Steps To Take Next.

Reasons To Call Our Emergency Services Team:

Water Damage Restoration Contractor
  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Storm Damage (including damage from falling trees)
  • Vehicle or Other Object Damaging Your Home
  • Damage to Fences, Retaining Walls, and Other Structures on Your Property
  • Vandalism
  • Damage To Rental Property From Tenants (including damage use as a “marijuana grow house”)
  • Any Other Emergency At Your Home That Has Caused Damaged

Don’t Wait – We’ll Help Stop The Damage And We’ll Be YOUR Advocate In This Process. We Are A Home Improvement Company For Eureka, Fortuna, Arcata, And Surrounding Areas -- And We Would Be Honored To Assist You