A business disaster...

...is that point in time after the "cause" when you can no longer provide your customers and clients with the minimum level of goods and service they need and expect.

New Life Service Company has been in the emergency disaster response field for over 30 years. We have recently decided to use those years of experience and knowledge to develop a valuable resource for our business community. This valuable resource is in the form of a Disaster Preparedness Plan.  We believe in creating strong partnerships with our local Red Cross and Fire Departments, collaborating together to build a community able to recover quickly and safely. This plan is dedicated to protecting your businesses investments, giving you steps to implement before, during and immediately following a disaster.

Our Disaster Preparedness Plans are dedicated to protecting your base assets~your employees,  place of business, your contents and inventory and/or production processes. 

As a business owner you've invested significant time and resources into making your business work, a Disaster Preparedness Plan for your business is a small investment that could go a long way toward averting a serious  business disruption or closure. 

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