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Some people downplay how much experience matters when it comes to remodeling. But as a construction company for Eureka, Arcata, and Fortuna with 30+ years in restoration, reconstruction, and remodeling, we can say without any hesitation:

Experience matters.

Much of our work over the past 3 decades has come from restoration and reconstruction projects. This includes highly challenging work after fire, flood, or other loss. Some of these situations have involved specialized work and skills on everything from 100 year old Victorian homes to high-end modern homes.

Of course, the skills needed for restoration and reconstruction are the exact same ones you need for a high-quality remodel. In fact, the challenges we have faced and the processes we use for restoration have made us much more knowledgeable and skilled when compared to typical construction contractors near Eureka, Fortuna, and Arcata.

Remodeling Contractor

More Than Just Restoration & Reconstruction

Even though we have been primarily a restoration company for Humboldt County, we have found demand for our remodeling services over the years. Sometimes a homeowner thrilled with restoration work requests remodeling work years later because they already know they can trust us to deliver premium results.

Other times people in Humboldt County hear of us from another homeowner or learn of our stellar local reputation and ask us if we can complete a remodel for them.

The Right Installers

The people that do hire us for a remodeling project are getting the best installers of any home renovation company in Eureka, Arcata, and Fortuna. We have very little turnover in an industry known to have a revolving door. That is because we attract and cultivate installers who are “in tune” with our mission to go one step beyond ordinary to deliver the best.

A big part of that mission is our stated commitment to serve this part of California for generations (after 30+ years, we are off to a good start!). The bottom line is that the people actually doing the work in your home are incredibly experienced installers with long tenure. Compare this to some companies who have high turnover and even use temporary day labor sometimes.

Our Friendly Process

Remodeling Contractor

Step One: Call us for a quote. Don’t worry… we will NOT turn the quote process into a high-pressure sales situation. We come to your home for a relaxed conversation about your remodeling needs. If we are a good match on both sides, we move to step two.

Step Two: We design and finalize project details based on your selections. We iron out all the details of your project – for us no detail is unimportant. This is also the stage where we schedule your remodel and answer all your questions.

Step Three: Your remodel begins. No matter what anybody says, a remodel will cause some disruption in your home. But we’re a home renovation company near Eureka that minimize its – our experienced crews keep the mess and noise as under control as possible.

Step Four: We complete your remodeling project. We are done when you are satisfied – not before. After a thorough clean-up, we have the Final Walkthrough to make sure everything is perfect.

Step Five: Enjoy your new space. This is WHY you do it. It is so satisfying to know you invested in your home and now have a beautiful space to enjoy.

A Note About Financing

Sometimes people hold off on a remodel or finishing their basement because they are concerned about the size of the investment. New Life Service Company is a construction contractor for Eureka and surrounding areas that is happy to help you find an affordable payment plan. Visit our Financing page to discover more.