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We care about your contents

  • We can inventory your damaged possessions

  • Dispose of your total-loss items

  • Clean & store your salvageable items

  • Return your cleaned possessions to your home

Sifting through one’s personal belongings after a fire can be a daunting task. New Life Service Company has the right tools to salvage valuable and often irreplaceable items. Photographs, keepsakes, furniture, and clothing can often be saved.

Our ultrasonic machine uses high frequency sound waves to create cavities of bubbles that force cleaning solution against the surface of smoke-damaged items. As a result, ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for removing soils from cracks and very small spaces. It is very effective in removing stains, grease, dirt, oil, mold and abrasive residues from surfaces.

Not everything can be cleaned and saved. Any of your belongings that cannot be salvaged are documented and inventoried. We provide a full list of these items to your insurance adjuster for compensation.

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